We have created the most fashionable and professional card house for your poker gaming enjoyment.  A secure and friendly establishment that will cater to your gaming desires.  


This establishment is your host for a real money poker experience that is safe because we ensure that we know who enters at all times.  No one but registered members will be allowed to enter.


We have some the most professional and state of the art custom Texas Hold'em tables with very comfortable chairs for your pleasure.


Our dealers are some of the fastest in town and very professional.


Our catering staff will cater to many of your needs so that you can concentrate on the game or that sporting event on tv.


Each table and each chair has a bird's eye view of one of the fully cable loaded TVs so that you don't miss that very important game or show.


There will be a limited food menu, hot pockets and like, however, don't be surprised if the caterer shows up from time to time.


Our store is stocked with many of the latest books and videos to help you reach that next level of play.  In addition, it will also have many items that you may need related to gaming supplies.